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Law Office of Tomas M. Flores

Serving the licensing, support, and litigation needs of Silicon Valley

Sales Support

During peak sales cycles, our clients utilize our office to supplement their in-house legal team to close deals while enforcing company policy.

Software Licesning

Our attorneys negotiate and draft software licenses.


Our litigation team empowers our clients to deliver justice in court.

Our office has drafted and negotiated sophisticated software licensing and software transfer agreements. We understand the business, financial, and legal aspects of software licensing cases.  We have particular experience in software and mobile app development litigation, and in cases concerning copyright ownership, and use rights of proprietary software.

We represent software consultants, developers, and customers in maintenance, support, and software disputes. We also advocate for SaaS providers and customers in performance, uptime, data loss, data security breaches, and other service-level agreement disputes.

Our goal is to solve your issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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